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Adolescent wizard-in-training Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for another year of schooling and learns more about the dark past of the boy who grew up to become Lord Voldemort in this, the sixth installment of the film series that originated from the writings of author J.K. Rowling. There was a time when Hogwarts was thought of as a safe haven, but thanks to Voldemort's tightening grip on both the Muggle and wizarding worlds, that simply isn't the case anymore. Suspecting that the castle may even harbor an outright threat, Harry finds his investigation into the matter sidelined by Dumbledore's attempts to prepare him for the monumental battle looming ever closer on the horizon. In order to discover the key to Voldemort's defenses, Dumbledore enlists the aid of resourceful yet unsuspecting bon vivant Professor Horace Slughorn, who may have a clue as to their enemy's Achilles' heel. Meanwhile, teenage hormones cause the students at Hogwarts to lose focus on their true mission. As Harry and Dean Thomas clash for the affections of the lovely Ginny, Romilda Vane attempts to woo Ron away from Lavender Brown with some particularly tasty chocolates. Even Hermione isn't immune from the love bug, though she tries her hardest to suppress her growing jealousy and keep her emotions bottled up. But there is one student who remains completely aloof from the romance blossoming all around, and he intends to leave a dark impression on his classmates. With tragedy looming ever closer, it begins to appear as if peace will prove elusive in Hogwarts for some time to come. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Release Date Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Jul 15, 2009 Wide
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Actors For Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Daniel Radcliffe,Rupert Grint,Emma Watson,Helena Bonham Carter,Jim Broadbent,Robbie Coltrane,Michael Gambon,Alan Rickman,Bonnie Wright,Maggie Smith,Timothy Spall,David Thewlis,David Bradley,Warwick Davis,Tom Felton,William Melling,Evanna Lynch,Jessie Cave,Frank Dillane,Hero Fiennes Tiffin

Genres Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince : Drama,Action & Adventure,Kids & Family,Mystery & Suspense,Science Fiction & Fantasy

Visitor Ranting & Critics For Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

User Ranting Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince : 3.8
User Percentage For Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince : 75 %
User Count Like for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince : 1,379,460
All Critics Ranting For Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince : 7.1
All Critics Count For Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince : 257
All Critics Percentage For Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince : 84 %

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Review For Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I think it's the best of the series, fairly easily, and a testament to why occasionally throwing a massive budget at an endeavor of this scope can be considered a reasonable decision.

All in all, despite the verve that drives the grander set pieces, it's hard to avoid the sensation of a film toiling overtime to convince itself of its own solemnity.
Anthony Lane-New Yorker

Director David Yates presides over some gorgeous CGI set pieces, but all the real magic comes from the scrum of ace British character actors.
Cliff Doerksen-Chicago Reader

With its deft handling of teen yearning and affection, Half-Blood Prince maneuvers mysteries of heart and hankering that resound in worlds magic and Muggle.
Lisa Kennedy-Denver Post

It's a more mature magic. ... Now subject to the same raging hormones as any other 16-year-olds, our spell-casting heroes are learning to brew love potions this year, with results mostly played for laughs.
Bob Mondello-NPR

Potions play a pivotal part in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and I wish I'd been able to find one for patience.
Joe Morgenstern-Wall Street Journal

If you're a fan, you're sure to find something to grumble about; ditto if you're a critic; but for the dwindling amount of people who just want to go to the movies to watch a fun and interesting movie, you could do a lot worse.

For Potter-ites, there are plenty of satisfactions to be had, but the fun mostly comes from recognizing plot points from the novel merely suggested onscreen.
Hank Sartin-Time Out Chicago

Okay, so it's a placeholder. But it's a really good placeholder.

Half-Blood Prince only really shines when the film's darker and lighter sides manage to meet together, usually when Slughorn is around.

Yates & his technical team ... are the film's true magicians, taking the viewer's breath away ... with their cinematic craft, illusionistic skill and ... spellbinding wizardry
Jason Best-Movie Talk

[Harry Potter] is now the lone beacon of despair for children in an increasingly pandering and brainless cinematic landscape; a Grimm tale that should satisfy the darker whims of imaginative children.
Simon Miraudo-Quickflix

Running an obscene 2 1/2 hours, presenting a story which could have made a halfway decent half-hour episode of a half-assed TV series, this Potter has no focus, a comprehensive plot, any semblance of cohesion, purpose, meaning.
Janos Gereben-Entertainment Insiders

A pesar de su extensa duración, 153 minutos, la cinta mantiene un buen ritmo a pesar de su falta de acción. Brillante fotografía.
Luis Martinez-Cinenganos

Those previously in the dark about the story from books or films will remain so, for the 153 minutes make little clear aside from a Be-Sure-To-See-The-Sequel conclusion.
Donald J. Levit-ReelTalk Movie Reviews

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is an icily grave and somber affair, with few moments of relief amid the mounting turmoil and a finale that blackens an already charcoal gray sky.

For all its focus on teen romantic entanglements, it sure has very little to do with the Half-Blood Prince.
Wesley Lovell-Cinema Sight

While previous entries in the franchise spun their wheels a bit, The Half-Blood Prince has much clearer priorities.
Rob Vaux-Sci-Fi Movie Page

...a deliberately paced, measured view of the characters, their motivations, and their relationships. (Blu-ray Ultimate Edition)
John J. Puccio-Movie Metropolis

Vagabonding through time, Potter joins up again with his telepathic posse in this coming of agelessness new adventure, while dark forces penetrate the premises and the students experiment with various vials of wishful thinking pharmaceuticals.
Prairie Miller-NewsBlaze

Potter hits puberty!
Kam Williams-NewsBlaze

Visually appetizing sixth installment in the Harry Potter series.
Dennis Schwartz-Ozus' World Movie Reviews of the longest yet most-delightfully entertaining installments in the series.
John J. Puccio-Movie Metropolis

Radcliffe, Grint and Watson are great as always, but director David Yates' adherence to realism stifles J.K. Rowling's trickster-storytelling wiles. Yates' horrifically bad botching of big-ticket moments bodes poorly for the "Deathly Hallows" films.

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