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Watch Movie Online Streaming Without Downloading. Santa's black-sheep brother gets a much-needed shot at redemption in this holiday comedy reuniting actor Vince Vaughn and director David Dobkin (Clay Pigeons, Wedding Crashers). It's not easy being the brother of a benevolent and beloved saint, and no one knows that better than Fred Claus (Vaughn). After struggling for years to live up to the example set by his younger sibling Nicholas (Paul Giamatti), Fred has finally given up. These days Fred is working as a repo man taken to stealing the items he repossesses, and his shady tactics have just landed him in jail. While Mrs. Claus vehemently insists that Fred fend for himself, Nicholas refuses to sit idly by as his brother rots in jail and agrees to set bail if Fred will repay the debt by coming to the North Pole and help make toys for the upcoming Christmas season. But Fred isn't nearly as productive as your average elf, and he's got quite an attitude to boot. With Christmas fast approaching and Fred threatening to sideline Nicholas' entire finely tuned operation, the brother that always struggled to get out from under his sibling's substantial shadow finds out just how far the patience of a saint can be pushed before jolly old Santa reaches his breaking point. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Watch Fred Claus Movie Online Streaming Megashare For Free. Release Date Fred Claus Nov 9, 2007 Wide
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Vince Vaughn,Paul Giamatti,John Michael Higgins,Miranda Richardson,Rachel Weisz,Kathy Bates,Trevor Peacock,Chris "Ludacris" Bridges,Elizabeth Banks,Jeremy Swift,Kevin Spacey,Rio Hackford,Elizabeth Berrington,Bobb'e J. Thompson,Alan Corduner,Jordon Hull,Liam James,Theo Stevenson,Allison Sparrow,Fern Zimmerman

Genres Fred Claus : Comedy

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User Ranting Fred Claus : 3
User Percentage For Fred Claus : %
User Count Like for Fred Claus : 357,119
All Critics Ranting For Fred Claus : 4.2
All Critics Count For Fred Claus : 139
All Critics Percentage For Fred Claus : 21 %

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Review For Fred Claus

Dobkin's film is lit up by a couple of genius scenes: first, a siblings support-group attended by Frank Stallone, Stephen Baldwin and Roger Clinton; second, a superb in-joke triggering Spacey's redemptive thaw-out, stoking a festive glow against the odds.
Jonathan Crocker-Time Out

The movie is less ho-ho-ho than uh-oh, or oh-no.
Richard Corliss-TIME Magazine

There are some scattered big laughs and a sweet message here, so I'm giving it a mild recommendation.
Richard Roeper-Ebert & Roeper

As derivative and predictable as any of the holiday comedies of the past few years, providing audiences with at best a handful of laughs. Most of it is uninspired.
Claudia Puig-USA Today

It senselessly dims an idea that should shine as brightly as Rudolph's nose.
Peter Howell-Toronto Star

Vaughn gets plenty of mileage exploring both the painful and fun sides of Fred.
Tom Keogh-Seattle Times

It's no improvement on Bad Santa, or National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, for that matter.
Kelly Vance-East Bay Express

Fred Claus will never go down in history as a holiday classic, or even one of Vaughn's better known films, but a sterling cast lifts up what could have been easy mediocrity.

A turbulent ride that shifts tonal gears and messages like oscillations in the weather, ending in mythological frostbite.
Jules Brenner-Cinema Signals

Fred Claus is not an entirely bad picture, but it is a decidedly bland one.
John J. Puccio-Movie Metropolis

Vaughn's act may be toned down a bit, but he still plays the same fast-talking, quip-spouting arrogant schmuck that he usually does, and it wears thin real fast.
Adam Tobias-Watertown Daily Times

Rather than creating imaginative situations for Vaughn to explore, director David Dobkin merely asks that Vaughn be himself, as if his personality were big enough to wring humor out of a comic vacuum.
Rossiter Drake-San Francisco Examiner

Unfortunately, this is a broad family comedy that depends on odd sound effects (zonks! splat!) during every scene...
Jeff Bayer-The Scorecard Review

Does it make me a Scrooge to suggest that this is one piece of holiday coal you should leave in your stocking?
Brandon Fibbs-Colorado Springs Gazette

Fred Claus won't make us forget "Rudolph," "Frosty" or even "The Santa Clause."
Christian Toto-Washington Times

It is a joyless rehash of old plots and jokes. File "Fred Claus" under lump of coal.

Paul Giamatti is forced to play Santa like a socially awkward version of Vince Vaughn
Stephen Himes-Film Snobs

There are no laughs from the material, which wants to be edgy but can't go for broke because it's too busy being a trifling piece of holiday cheer but without the cheer.
Mark Dujsik-Mark Reviews Movies

Fred Claus tries desperately for a Bad Santa meets Elf vibe. Five minutes in, the man sitting next to me was sound asleep.
Charlotte O'Sullivan-This is London

The actual effect of films such as this, however, is to put you in an entirely non-Christmas, non-joyous and non-charitable mood.
Anthony Quinn-Independent

An archly mirthless comedy.
Nigel Andrews-Financial Times

Fred Claus is in the grand tradition of a certain type of Yuletide farce - one that's about as funny as a crushed bauble in your egg nog.
Tim Robey-Daily Telegraph

The spirit of Scrooge surges strong within me having watched this chillingly cynical and unfunny Christmas movie.
Peter Bradshaw-Guardian [UK]

DICK VAN DYKE had an excuse for doing a terrible Cockney accent in Mary Poppins - he is American. But how Brit Rachel Weisz can explain her "you wot" effort in Fred Claus is anyone's guess.
-Sun Online

It's not exactly It's A Wonderful Life, with Vaughn's trademark blokeishness starting to jar, Giamatti strangely miserable and the laughs generally thin on the ground.
-Daily Mirror [UK]

You'll have a better time if you spend Christmas wedged up a chimney.
Jim Hall-Film4

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